When is Ramadan 2018 in UAE, Eid Date UAE

When is Ramadan 2018 in UAE, Eid Date in UAE – Ramadan is one of the auspicious festivals celebrated as the ninth holy month of the Islamic Calendar. People from Muslim community observe this special day by worshipping Allah or God followed by fasting or praying. It is traditional practice to thank the lord for his innumerable blessings showered upon us.

When is Ramadan in UAE

On this auspicious occasion people wish and greet each other by offering gifts and sweets. This sacred event commences with the sighting of the crescent moon (HILAL), which lasts long for a month celebrated at the end of the month as Eid- Ul-Fitr by breaking the fast. According to the Muslim customs and beliefs this holy month of Ramadan is known as the revelations of God to humankind, the month where the first verse of the “Quran” was revealed by the Prophet Muhammad

Ramadan in UAE

Eid 2018 in UAE

During the Ramadan, people refrain themselves from eating and drinking starting from the dawn till dusk. The ritual is practiced to seek forgiveness, peace and mercy to Allah. As the much awaited festive season of Ramadan will be celebrated after couple of months, people from UAE are eagerly waiting to know When is Ramadan 2018 in UAE, Eid Date in UAE and its celebrations, which we have elaborated in the article below.

Ramadan 2018 UAE

Ramadan 2018 in UAE

United Arab Emirates, UAE is the Islamic nation where Ramadan or Ramazan is observed as a public holiday. People from the country observe this special occasion by carrying out the Namaz and holding rigorous fast “Roza” where not a single drop of water is consumed for straight 12 hours. Also devotees observe strict fasting for the whole month of Ramadan, where on the 30th day the fast is broken after seeing the moon.

Do you know when is Ramadan 2018 in UAE?, finally the date and day of Ramadan 2018 has been announced. The Officials at the Sharjah Planetarium has newly declared that the Ramadan in UAE will commence from Thursday on 15th May 2018.


Eid Date in UAE

Eid Al Fitr also known as the festival of breaking the fast is celebrated as holiday in UAE as the last day of Ramadan. The day will be celebrated on June 15 or 16 , Friday and Saturday respectively which will begin after the last day of Ramadan.

Eid Holidays in UAE

United Arab Emirates, UAE is all set to celebrate the joyous festival of Eid in different cities with lot of pomp and fervor. Being the public holiday, the city will be enlightened with different celebratory activities and gatherings to be enjoyed by masses all across the nation. If you too are planning to rejoice the Eid Holiday in Dubai, then scroll down to find the list of Eid Celebrations and where to spend Eid Holidays in UAE.

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